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The Ilizarov System has experienced many modifications over the last fifty years. The TrueLok™ Ring Fixation System, developed at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) in Dallas, Texas, is one of the modern variants of the original fixator, but preserves many of the original principles of Professor Ilizarov. It consists of aluminum rings available in different sizes, connected to the bone through metal wires or/and bone screws. The relative movements of the rings allow the correction of almost all the bone deformities in upper and lower limbs and in the foot.


Simple: to achieve the desired correction, patients must turn specific nuts that report a clear indication of the position, minimizing potential mistakes and undesired corrections.

Stable: TrueLok System offers a metal plastic interface in the most critical areas reducing undesired mobilization of the components that generally cause pain during mobilization. Pain reduction may enhance patient compliance in the treatment.

Versatile: a lot of treatments are possible, allowing deformity correction in almost all bone segments (upper limbs, lower limbs and foot).


The TrueLok System is used to correct bone deformities caused by a wide variety of pathologies and conditions in both children and adults. Listed below are some of the bone deformities that the TrueLok System may be particularly useful for managing.