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“Now that I am through the recovery process it’s great being able to go back on the field, score goals and get involved with the team like I used to.”

Jadon, treated for leg length discrepancy

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“I love football, even when just playing for fun.
I feel happy; I feel no stress. It feels good to win.”

Q’Shaun, treated for Blount’s disease

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“Kevin has never been able to walk. Now, he’s free to go where he wants to go.”

Kacie, mother of Kevin, treated for bilateral club foot

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“They wanted to take my leg off below the knee. Then one of the surgeons proposed a different solution.”

James, treated for Charcot foot disease

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“Thank you so much for developing this technology that gave me back my leg and my life.”

David, treated for a bone trauma

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Types of Limb Deformities

(present at birth)

Learn about congenital
deformities and the available
treatment options

Foot and

Learn about various foot and ankle conditions that can lead to deformities and the available treatment options

Trauma and

Learn about complex trauma, post-traumatic conditions and the different treatment options

Treatment Options


Information about non-surgical treatment options, including physical therapy, braces, off-loading and medication


Information about surgical treatment options, including bone lengthening and deformity correction with external or internal fixation devices and the Guided Growth technique

The Orthofix Orthopedics Philosophy

“Respect for, and enhancement of the natural physiological process of fracture healing” may be considered the philosophy which has inspired the research and design of all products developed by Orthofix in the last 40 years, starting from the set of devices belonging to the internal and external fixation system.

Patient Care

Early Detection

When is it time for health care provider consulting or check-ups?

Finding the Right Surgeon

Some information about the role of each care team member and the different surgical devices

Preparing for Surgery

Some useful information about preparing for your surgery, including questions to ask your surgeon, communication with your insurer and how to plan ahead

Care After Surgery

Essential information about after surgery care; for example, understanding limb correction and the differences in management of the various types of devices


Before you visit your doctor or surgeon, make a list of questions. Our FAQs might provide a good starting point for discussion