The Orthofix Orthopedics Philosophy

The Orthofix Orthopedics philosophy, based on the enhancement and total respect for the physiology of the fracture healing process, has always inspired ongoing research and development. Working with our surgeon partners, we are constantly refining and upgrading all devices as we consider surgeons’ best practices and responding to patients’ evolving needs.

This philosophy can be clearly expressed through some fundamental principles and features.

The first principle is to cause minimal disturbance of the fracture site, and provide full stability in the initial period after injury.

This is to allow the hematoma to evolve under the best conditions and to form the initial external callus.

The second principle is to stimulate the production of external bridging callus and its ensuing maturation by applying effective stimuli to the fracture site at appropriate stages during the healing process.

The third principle is to understand and respect the bone biology in order to prevent and/or minimize possible complications, especially those deriving from pin track infection, pin loosening and other associated problems.

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