LRS ADVanced™


Important safety information: Download the Product Instructions For Use.

The Orthofix Limb Reconstruction System™ (LRS) is a series of modular monolateral external fixators used in reconstructive procedures for treatment of short stature, bone loss, open fractures, non-union, and angular deformities.


Many years of clinical experience have confirmed the efficacy of the device, providing good outcomes for the indications above as well as facilitating improvements over the original surgical technique.

The innovation in the LRS ADVanced has introduced new features in the system such as more options for limb correction (new clamps), direct bone screw insertion without templates and dedicated radiolucent components to visualize the osteotomy or fracture line that can help surgeons in the operative theatre. Patient is in charge of the daily correction following surgeons’ indications. LRS ADVanced System has one or more compression distraction units that patient needs to turn in order to achieve the desired correction. Since this system is a monolateral fixator, it can be a valid option in femur corrections where internal lengthening nail is not applicable or circular frame may be too cumbersome for the patient.


The LRS ADVanced System is used to correct bone deformities caused by a wide variety of pathologies and conditions in adults. Listed below are some of the bone deformities that LRS ADVanced System may be particularly useful for managing.


Trauma and Post-traumatic conditions