Important safety information: Download the Product Instructions For Use.

The FitboneTM Intramedullary Limb-Lengthening System was developed in partnership with Professor Baumgart.  The product was launched in 1997.  Since then, this innovative treatment concept has grown into a global success story. The Fitbone TAA Intramedullary Lengthening system is intended for limb lengthening of the femur and tibia. With appropriate pre-operative planning, it is possible to ensure good limb alignment so that the limb is correct at the end of lengthening.


  • Comfortable lengthening process facilitated with the small, lightweight and silent Control Set.
  • Reliable feedback from the system throughout the lengthening process.
  • Quick reintegration into daily routines.
  • Short hospitalization.
  • Minimal risk of infection.
  • Little scarring.

“The potential advantages are many: fewer scars, improved aesthetics, better body image and psychological well-being, no irritation through pins and wires, reduced pain, uncommon infections, secondary axial deviation avoided, less joint stiffness, higher activity level during lengthening consolidation, faster rehabilitation, less risk of neurovascular compromise due to wire or screw insertion, and improvement in the ability to work during and after treatment.” 1


The Fitbone Lengthening Nail is used to correct bone deformities caused by a wide variety of pathologies and conditions in both children and adults. Listed below are some of the bone deformities that the Fitbone Lengthening Nail may be particularly useful for managing.

Trauma and post-traumatic deformity

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