eight-Plate Guided Growth System+™


Important safety information: Download the Product Instructions For Use.

The eight-Plate Guided Growth System+™ is an implant system designed to correct pediatric deformities (congenital or acquired) in lower limb, like genu valgum and varum, and limb length discrepancies. The plates are attached to the external surface of the bone over the growth plate by two or four screws depending on the plate selected by the surgeon. The implant acts like a flexible hinge, permitting growth at the growth plate to gradually straighten the limb when the physis (growth plates) are not fused. The screws are not locked to the plate but rather are allowed to swivel and diverge in their positions as the bone grows. Immediately after implantation, the patient is allowed mobility and weight bearing. The eight-Plate Guided Growth System+ offers more sizes and different screw types compared to the standard eight-Plate Guided Growth System, as well as an increased screw angle to treat very difficult cases.


The system is designed to have a low profile to be minimally invasive and is made of titanium alloy to avoid allergic reaction to nickel. The bone must not be cut, the cast is not required and the patient is allowed mobility and weight bearing. It can be used very early allowing surgeons to address the most severe pathologies sooner and avoiding (or reducing) later surgeries.


The eight-Plate Guided Growth System+ is used to correct bone deformities caused by a wide variety of pathologies and conditions in children. Listed below are some of the bone deformities that eight-Plate Guided Growth System+ may be particularly useful for managing.