Conditions of Use of the Site

Scientific content

The Site offers Users scientific information for informative purposes only, and is not intended to provide a medical consulting or diagnostics service; consultation of the Site is not a substitute for consulting a professional physician.

Orthofix suggests Users contact a medical specialist to obtain a diagnosis and identify the specific treatment they require.

Orthofix will in no case be held liable for use of, or failure to use, information contained in the Site by any User, including professional physicians.

“Surgeon Finder” service

Through the “Surgeon Finder” service (hereafter referred to as “the Service”), Orthofix provides Users with information on surgeons and medical specialists (the “Professionals”) authorized to use TrueLok/TrueLok Application in the area identified by the User (hereafter “the Area”).

The Professionals listed in this Service include only those who: (i) are located in the United States, (ii) have requested and received appropriate training on TrueLok/TrueLok Application, (iii) are authorized by Orthofix to use TrueLok/TrueLok Application, and (iv) have consented to the inclusion of their information in the Service. Orthofix does not use any other criteria to identify the Professionals, and no Professional has paid a fee to participate in the Service.

There may also be other Professionals working in the same Area who are not identified by the Service but are authorized to use TrueLok/TrueLok Application.

The Service lists Professionals within the Area by proximity to the location searched for.

Orthofix does not make any recommendation, endorsement, warranty or representation, express or implied, regarding the abilities or qualifications of the Professionals listed in the Service, as it relates to the User’s particular condition or circumstance or otherwise. The decision to contact or receive care from one of the Professionals identified by the Service is an independent decision made by the User. Users should contact a qualified medical professional of their own selection for assistance in making all medical decisions.

The Service does not constitute acceptance of any liability on the part of Orthofix in relation to the accuracy and/or completeness and/or up-to-date state of the information provided to the User.

Orthofix does not accept liability associated in any manner with services provided by any Professionals contacted using the information made available on the Site.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Consultation of the content of the Site and the Service is reserved exclusively for Users who reside or are domiciled in the USA.

Users who view the Site and use the Service therefore declare under their own liability that they reside or are domiciled in the USA.